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How WonderBill works

This is a tool where you add, view and manage your bills in one place. We analyse your bill data and give you the best possible deals.

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  1. Choose a bill category
  2. Select your provider
  3. Link your account

    We will need your provider username and password to link the account to wonderbill

How we use your data

Account linking

After you submit your login details for a provider, WonderBill then fetches bills from that service with your securely stored credentials.

Data protection

Your provider details are strictly monitored and accessed only in specific situations. To safeguard your WonderBill username and password, we use encryption and secure storage methods.

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Secure technology

Security has been our primary focus from day one. We treat your personal data with care and we’ll never share it with anyone without your permission.

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Get better deals tailored for you

WonderBill helps you save money with hassle free switching and clear comparison based on what you use and spend.
British Gas
Virgin Media
Giff Gaff

Know where you stand

Manage your spending across all your household bills. See when each bill is due and how much will leave your bank account each month.
Due in 1 day
Due in 3 days

A single log-in for all your accounts

WonderBill remembers all of your login details so you don't have to, keeping all of your data private and super secure.



How did we start?

At WonderBill we know it’s hard to keep track of all your bills and find time to make sure I’m getting the best deals. That’s why we started building a tool that could make bills simpler. The result is WonderBill.
Andy Lees
Head of Product
Shane Clifford

We're building incredible features

It’s still early days for us and we’re busy building new features that will make WonderBill better and better. That’s why we’re currently testing the WonderBill Beta with early customers to get their feedback, and look forward to making it public soon.
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