Black Friday Shopping Rules

In case you hadn't noticed, this weekend it’s Black Friday!

What started off as a holiday sale the day after Thanksgiving in the US has become almost a two week pre Christmas sale for us Brits. But how can you navigate the sales and actually know you have a good deal? Here’s our tips for online Black Friday shopping. 

Only buy what you need

Before you make that final purchase decision ask yourself:  Is this something that I need? Would I have even thought about buying this if it wasn’t on sale? Will I use this? 

Check the rest of the web

Is it really a good price or is it just that the retailer is telling you it’s a good price. Check the rest of the web for prices on the same item. Also check if there are any discount codes available. 

What’s the returns policy

Make sure you’re happy with the return’s policy in case it’s not what you thought or in the case of clothing doesn’t fit. 

Does the company have good reviews

If it’s a company you haven’t bought from before check their reviews to make sure that they do what they say they do! 

Stay safe shopping online

Tips from the National Cyber Security Office

  • Use a credit card if you can as most major credit card providers protect online purchases
  • Make sure the website is secure when you’re paying (it will have a closed padlock at the start of the address)
  • Only provide enough details to complete your purchase

Our Mission

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