Christmas alternatives

Last year was our COVID Christmas and this year everything is back to normal, right? Wrong! Although (fingers crossed) we’ll get to spend time with our loved ones because of shortages, the shops might not have everything we’re used to.So what won’t we have and what can do instead. 

Christmas trees

There may not be as many trees being imported as usual and this could also mean that the ones you do see for sale are more expensive than normal. ALTERNATIVE: It could be worth investing in an artificial tree, some of them are quite realistic these days - plus some of them come with lights already fitted, so no more getting tangled in fairy lights! 


With a shortage of  workers it might be hard to get a turkey this year. ALTERNATIVE: You could buy a frozen one now and save it until the big day. Or, have a change of main course, there aren't the same issues with beef. 

Pigs in blankets

Similarly to turkeys the same worker shortage is affecting pigs in blankets. ALTERNATIVE: Have a go at making your own, you could start stocking up on the sausages and bacon now and freezing them. 


No chocolate?  Well, just cancel Christmas. That can’t be allowed. ALTERNATIVE: Stock up. Now :) 

Wrapping paper 

When online shopping increased during the pandemic it caused a packaging shortage so you may find it harder to get wrapping paper. ALTERNATIVE: Reuse packaging like tissue paper from your own online shopping. If you can get standard brown paper, use that and decorate it. It’s more environmentally friendly too as you can recycle it (unlike many wrapping papers). 

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