Get your household organised. Get WonderBill.

How do bills make you feel? When we’ve asked there’s been a whole host of emotions from stressed and confused to organised and in control. 

We found that 30% of people don’t like looking too closely at their bills at all and try to avoid them. That’s pretty easy to do if you’re paying by direct debit. But not knowing what’s happening and when to use your hard earned cash can also cause you worry and stress - and could mean that you pay over the odds. 

That’s why we’re here. WonderBill is an app that helps you to keep your household bills all in one place. We’ll let you know what bills are due and when so that you don’t have any surprises. We’ll also store all your documents in one place, like your statements and insurance details. So you’ll never have to search your email inbox to remember who your car insurance is with again!  We’ll even tell you when your contracts are coming up for renewal and show you better deals. 

Track Spending 

Check your monthly out-goings on your timeline. Everything’s organised by date and easy to find. 

Bill statements 

You’ll be able to see downloadable views of your actual bills from multiple companies all in one place. You can check everything in detail and investigate any surprises that arrive. 

Contract end reminders

We’ll let you know when it’s time to review and renew. 

Monthly bill notifications

When a new bill appears on your timeline we’ll let you know so that you can keep up to date on your household spend. 

Switch to a cheaper plan

We’ll help you to find the right plan. 

Our Mission

“We see saving time and money on your bills as an opportunity to do more of the things that you love. Life’s about more than bills and we want to help you take your time back.”

Shane Clifford