Household bills exposed

It costs on average a whopping £2128 a month to run your home. Here’s our guide on what you have to spend and where you could make savings.  

Council tax, average of £182 a month (over 10 months)  

This covers local services like schools, roads and rubbish collections as well as the police and fire service.

Each home needs to pay it, but you can get a discount for single person occupancy.  There are 8 bands of council tax A to H, based on what your property is worth. A being the cheapest and H the most expensive. The average Band D council tax set by local authorities in England for 2020-21 is £1,818. 

It’s usually paid monthly, over ten months with no payments in February and March. There are no savings to be made on this one (except the single person occupancy) and you need to plan for it to increase each year. But, if you do pay over ten months you’ll have two months where you’ll have a bit extra in the bank. 

Gas and electricity, average of £80 a month 

The price of energy has been rising throughout 2021 and has meant that the Standard Variable Tariffs from energy providers are often the cheapest and in some cases only options. The Ofgem price cap means that providers can’t charge over £1277 a year for a typical dual fuel customer and there are very few opportunities to save by switching.  But, there are plenty of ways that you can save energy around your home like switching down the thermostat, making sure your home is properly insulated and switching off the lights when you leave a room!   More tips.

Water, average of £34/month 

There’s two ways of being charged for the water you use: one is through a water meter which means you pay for the amount that you are using and one is a charge based on the value of your home. Now both of these methods have pros and cons. If you’re on an unmetered and use a lot of water then you may be quids in and if it’s the opposite and you don’t use much you may be better off with a meter. Go on to your water suppliers website and search for a usage calculator to see if a meter or home value is the best way to pay for your water. The average cost of using water in your home is £410/year (£34/month).

There are of course lots of ways to save on water like having baths instead of showers, not running the tap when you’re brushing your teeth and not using hosepipes. More tips here. 

Phone, broadband and TV, average of £39/month for fibre broadband, Netflix and a SIM only mobile

There are so many packages to choose from here!  You can usually get a better deal by bundling everything together but it’s always worth checking at renewal time to make sure you’re getting the best deals. And with mobile phones often coming with unlimited minutes you might want to consider whether or not a landline is still worthwhile for you. 

You’ll pay around £25 for fibre broadband a month. For TV it will then depend on what you want. Sky TV starts at £25 a month and also includes Netflix and Netflix on its own is from £5.99/month. If you already pay for Amazon Prime for deliveries you’ll also have access to Prime Video too. 

If you have a pay monthly mobile phone, make sure you renew at the end of your contract. You’ll have just spent two years paying off the cost of your handset so if it’s in good working order you can swap to a SIM only deal and save quite a bit. And if you need to upgrade your handset you may be able to save money by switching to a different tariff either with your provider or switching to a new one. It might even be cheaper to buy the handset. It's easy to switch, it’s all done by text. A SIM only tariff with 12GB of data can cost you around £8/month.

Mortgage £1,125 or rent £1,054/month 

A report from Hamptons shows that for the first time since 2014 it’s cheaper on average to rent than to have a mortgage. It’s your biggest home expense. There are though ways to make savings. If you have a mortgage you will likely have got a rate based on a fixed term - usually 2, 3, 5 or 10 years. When that term is up and depending on what interest rates are you may save by moving onto a different package from your lender or moving lenders. If you’re renting you may be able to get a discount by negotiating on the cost. 

Home Insurance, less than £165*/year (£13.75/month) 

Having home insurance means having peace of mind in case of damage to your home or if your possessions were stolen. If you have a mortgage it’s usually a requirement to also have insurance. When your policy comes to an end, always check the market to see if you can make savings as well as checking that you still have the tight cover for your circumstances.

Food, an average of £655/month  

A family of 4 will spend around £151 a week on food. That’s £99 on the supermarket shop and £52 on restaurant or takeaway food. To make savings on your shop plan ahead, batch cook and use your leftovers. 

*Home insurance: 51% of consumers who purchased Home Building & Contents Insurance through this service provided by Seopa Ltd in April 2021 were quoted less than £164.96. The price you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.

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