Let's talk money

As we recover from the pandemic, 9 in 10 of us still aren’t talking about money, even though it is more important than ever. And as it's "Talk Money Week" we thought we'd open the conversation. Let’s dive into the benefits of talking about money and how to start that very important conversation.

Improve Your Wealth

This one’s simple. The more we talk about money, the more we can take care of our finances. Get the support you need so you can get out of a tough situation before things get worse. You also won’t be spending money you don’t have on plans you feel like you can’t say no to. Opening up the conversation is more likely to keep us in a financially stable situation.

Take Care of Your Wellbeing

Money makes the world go round - no exaggeration! So if you’re in a pickle with your finances it can have a massive impact on the rest of your life. This can make you feel stressed, anxious and even depressed. So let’s start talking. You won’t feel as lonely and you’re more likely to get support when you need it.

Keeping Healthy

Being stressed about money doesn’t just affect our mental health, it can have a very real physical effect as well. Stress can cause lack of sleep, change in appetite, migraines and other physical impacts. If we talk, we reduce stress - keeping you happier and healthier.

Improve Relationships

It’s no secret that many relationships are damaged because of money. This isn’t exclusive to between partners, tension could also arise in families and between friends. Much of this tension bubbles over because of a lack of communication. If talking about money becomes the new norm we can improve our relationships, which is a win all round!

Find Help

Talking about money helps us discover tools that may help us manage our finances. WonderBill is a great example. We help you take control of your finances quickly and easily. 

Our Mission

“We see saving time and money on your bills as an opportunity to do more of the things that you love. Life’s about more than bills and we want to help you take your time back.”

Shane Clifford