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How we protect your data

At WonderBill, we use a number of security systems to protect your information. Our service was designed with your safety and privacy in mind.

We're working hard to keep you safe

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    We prioritise security: whenever we build something or make technology decisions, we consider how we can best keep it safe.

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    We operate with best practice security technologies. For example, we use strong encryption (both externally and internally) to protect the confidential data within WonderBill. We’ve also implemented firewalls within our network and throughout our web-application.

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    By performing independent reviews we continually review our operations, systems and architecture to ensure they are resilient to threats.

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    We also consult independent third parties to help us further improve our security.

You can help us protect your data

  • Use strong passwords

    Choose strong, complex passwords which won't be easy for anyone to guess. Make sure the password you use for WonderBill is unique: our password strength indicator helps you choose a secure phrase. See this link for more advice www.getsafeonline.org/protecting-yourself/passwords

  • Be aware of scams

    You may receive hoax emails which attempt to steal your personal information, including your passwords, or ask you to open malicious attachments. Be extremely cautious when clicking on links or opening attachments from emails. Visit getsafeonline.org for more information.

  • Update your devices

    Keep your computer or mobile device operating system protected by installing updates as soon as they're available.

  • Be vigilant

    Never give remote access to your computer to someone who's called you out of the blue. If in doubt, ask for a reference number and call back on a trusted phone number.

  • Install security software

    Consider installing anti-virus and keep it up to date. This will protect you against viruses and malware.

We will never ask you for your password via phone or email.

Any security queries or concerns you’d like to discuss with our security team can be sent to security@wonderbill.com